Our Values

Client Care

Client care is at the heart of our business. This is reflected in the strong and lasting relationships our consultants have built up over the years and the fact that much of our work results from repeat business. We are committed to working in partnership with our Clients to develop a real understanding of their organisation and find the right solution for them. We guarantee a thorough and professional personal service and the consultants the Client meets at the beginning of the process will work on the project throughout.

Our aim is to enable our Clients to recruit senior staff who will make an outstanding contribution; our work is not finished until the successful candidate has taken up post and is settled into their new role.

Candidate Care

We are also deeply committed to our candidates. We will strive to ensure that the service they receive is exceptional. We will offer constructive feedback, so that even those who are unsuccessful feel positively about the recruitment process and the Client organisation. Respect and consideration are the hallmarks of our work.